Alexis Maycock

Alexis is a wife and mom to two beautiful girls, Maylin (12) and Malia (3). She and her family are recent transplants to North Texas from Michigan. Alexis is a content writer and blogs over at Motherhood Menageries where she shares, through story, her unique collection/perspective on modern motherhood. She is also the founder of Joy of Motherhood, a safe space online community designed to help mothers reclaim the joy of motherhood through positive parenting solutions. She also serves as PTA Board Secretary at her daughter’s middle school and is active in youth advocacy. Alexis enjoys discovering new restaurants and frequenting local bookstores. She also enjoys a hot cup of coffee, a classic novel, a glass of wine, and some charcuterie!

How To Be a BIPOC Ally + Support Local Black Businesses

Identifying yourself as “not racist” isn’t enough anymore. It is time to change the narrative to be anti-racist, i.e., being informed, anti-racist citizens. If you don’t know where to start, but have an inkling...

How to Talk to your Kids about Racism, Race & Activism

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7 Must-Read Books By Black Authors

Black History Month It’s February, and unless you’re living under a rock, you know that February is Black History Month. “Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by African Americans and time for...

Affirmations: Just Wishful Thinking?

As soon as I discovered what affirmations were, I made a commitment to say them out loud in front of my bathroom mirror with gusto every morning. But I quickly noticed that as soon...

Thankful Conversation Starters For Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is right around the corner y'all. Get those elastic waistbands and dining room tables ready. Pick out your favorite beer and don't forget the Cowboys game is at 3:30 so plan accordingly. Oh, and...