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Statistically, zero of my four children will receive a scholarship to play sports in college, since less than 2% of high school athletes fall into that category. On the other hand, I can almost guarantee all of my children will participate in at least one sport while they’re in high school because I believe it’s an important way to build character and confidence, a great way to learn how to take direction, a low-risk way to learn how to fail and succeed, and a healthy way to stay active.

While I think it would be great if my kids excel in sports, I mostly hope they stay safe and healthy, which is part of why I was excited for my eight-year-old daughter to participate in a Student ATHlete class in Allen at  Athlete Training and Health, located inside the Texas Health Athlete Complex. Athlete Training and Health develops athletes in a safe environment with carefully orchestrated classes led by expert performance coaches.

As soon as we signed in at the front desk, Coach Rae introduced herself personally to each child and took time to interact in conversation. The kids were visibly at ease and excited about the next hour. My daughter, who told me she was nervous to take a class with people she didn’t know, never looked back once Coach Rae took over. Once she welcomed the kids, she took them outside for some stretching, which was integrated into several games and activities. The whole time she led the kids, she explained what they were doing, why they were doing it, and gave personal feedback to each child. From the outside, it looked like they were playing a succession of games, but as I listened to Coach Rae, I could see that every activity had a purpose.

After stretching, there was time to work on jumping, twisting, engaging the core and other muscles correctly, and finally, the fundamentals of lifting weights. There was no lag between activities and lots of transitions to keep the kids engaged. Coach Rae frequently asked questions, modeled movements, and gave feedback. There were some built-in water and sanitizer breaks to keep the class hydrated and safe. My daughter was challenged, but not pushed too far.

Athlete Training and Health is so much more than a place for kids to develop a foundation of healthy fitness and receive sports performance training, it’s a state-of-the-art complex that’s built to intentionally be collaborative. Clear garage doors open to allow three distinct entities to work together cohesively: Texas Health Sports Medicine Specialists (physical therapy and rehabilitation), Athlete Training and Health, and Texas Health Orthopedic Specialists (fellowship-trained sports medicine physicians), to come together in the same space for the benefit of any athlete or active adult; those recovering from an injury or those wanting to push themselves further. 

While we were there, a physical therapist took 10 steps from his physical therapy space past the open garage door and into the gym to talk with a coach. It’s instant collaboration in such a way that benefits every athlete. It’s possible for someone to have surgery for an injury, rehab with a physical therapist, and then strength training, all under one roof with a team of people working together.

Additionally, the performance coaches at Athlete Training and Health are highly credentialed, so you know your kids are safe and receiving proper instruction. Each coach has a minimum of a degree in kinesiology or an exercise science-related field. Some are even pursuing their masters through a continuing education program provided by Athlete Training and Health and Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.

ATH Training Programs

Forever ATHlete: Adult group training sessions for improving movement quality, strength, and fitness. This is designed for any age or ability.

Student ATHlete: Youth athlete sports performance training sessions for ages 8-18 to develop a foundation of safe and competitive fitness to ensure long-term athletic development.

Rebuild ATHlete: Personalized return-to-play training for athletes of all ages and abilities returning to physical activity after an injury.

Next Level ATHlete: Group and individual training for collegiate, professional or aspiring professional athletes looking to gain an edge on their competition.

Team ATHlete: Group training and consultation includes year-round training plans to maximize long-term sport success and reduce the risk of injury during the season.

My daughter talked about her experience the entire drive home and then showed her dad and siblings all that she learned. She begged to go back for more classes and for a summer camp. Luckily, there are some great deals going on this month, and I was so impressed I think I’ll check out a few myself.

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