My Latest Trader Joe’s Favorites: Grab & Go Edition

You may have seen my post a few months ago featuring some of my favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s. Since then, I’ve discovered some new things from this amazing store that I want to share with everyone!

Blueberry & Acai Facial Scrub

I’ve been using this facial scrub 3 times a week for the last month or so. It’s amazing. It’s $5.99 and smells like blueberry yogurt. The consistency is a little like a mask, but it’s actually a scrub. My face is so soft after washing it and I can even tell it’s clearing up my skin.


I bought Trader Joe’s sunscreen in anticipation of the many days we would be outside this summer. It comes in a spray, lotion, or stick, and all forms are great. They have also recently added a Zinc Oxide Mineral Sunscreen in spray form for $8.99. The rest are all $5.99. 

Aloe Vera Gel

Trader Joe’s Aloe Vera Gel comes in two different options, and honestly, I couldn’t really tell what the difference was other than one is fragrance-free. Both were $2.99 and not tested on animals.

Gone Bananas! Frozen Bananas

These things are SO GOOD! They are bite-sized, frozen, chocolate-covered bananas, and are great for a quick, sweet snack! At $1.99, they can’t be beat. They also have a strawberry option called Gone Berry Crazy.

Turkey Corn Dogs

The frozen turkey corn dogs are always in our freezer. They’re $2.99 for a 4-pack and are an easy lunch for my kid. I don’t *usually* eat corn dogs as a meal, but don’t tempt me! 

Cereal Bars

The cereal bars are $1.99 and make a perfect snack for me or my always-hungry toddler.

Refrigerated Burritos

These burritos can be found in the refrigerated section between salads and cheeses. They are individually wrapped for a quick and easy lunch on the go! There are cooking instructions on the side for either the microwave or the oven.

Frozen Mini-Tacos

These are best prepared in the oven or a toaster oven. They come with either chicken or beef and a few diced vegetables to add flavor. Nice and easy!

Pre-Made Salads

These are also in the refrigerated section. The salads range from $3.49-$5.99 and come in a variety of flavors and mixes. Great for taking to work with you.


I’ve only bought two candles so far. The first one was Grapefruit and has lasted forever and the second one is Mango Tangerine. Both smell amazing! 

Hand Soap

Trader Joe’s sells both liquid hand soap and foaming hand soap. I always prefer foam, mostly because I just think it’s more fun. The liquid soaps come in a pretty large bottle and have great natural scents.

One Dozen Macarons

These can be found in the frozen section with the other desserts. There was the option for chocolate and vanilla or a variety pack, so I got the variety pack. They’re not quite as amazing as the ones my best friend’s mom makes us, but they are a good second place when I want a light dessert after dinner. The flavors are just subtle enough to be perfect.

Do you have some Trader Joe’s favorites that didn’t make this list? Share them in the comments!


Ashley Pease
Ashley has lived in Collin County for most of her life, with the exception of the 2 years she spent working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Now she is a stay-at-home mom and the Disney expert in every room she enters. She lives with her fiancé, daughter, dog, and cat. When she is not traveling to and from Orlando with her toddler, you can find Ashley planning her wedding, volunteering with a local cat rescue group, and spending as much time as possible with her family. Ashley has become quite the expert at flying with her almost-2-year-old, Addison, and is always eager to help other moms prepare for travel with a toddler. Ashley enjoys watching documentaries about The Royal Family, musicals, and the bonus features on all her favorite movies. She is always on the hunt for the best lipstick and is determined to prove that it is possible to be a regular mom and a cool mom at the same time.