The Gift of Green: A Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are upon us and I’ve got the perfect Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide. In here, you’ll find a little something for that green and clean person in your life. I even got you covered if you’re looking to buy some fun green sustainable gifts for your kiddos.

Gifts for the Skincare Junkie

Gift Guide Skincare Junkie

    1. Aether Beauty: Pigmented, sustainable eyeshadow palette. All their palettes are stunning and pigmented. Sustainable and beautiful non-toxic makeup products.
  1. Wabi-Sabi Gua Sha Tool: This is the best for facial lifting and lymphatic movement. I swear by doing this for five minutes each day. My favorite tool for lifting and plumping; it’s like natural Botox for the face.
  2. Odacite Shampoo Bar: Sustainable shampoo that lathers and hydrates. It’s been my new go-to for a couple of months now
  3. Bamboo Makeup Organizer: Use this for makeup, skincare, or anything else you prefer. Plastic-free.
  4. Lisse Safety Razor: Switching to a safety razor is one of the best things you can do for the environment and for yourself. Plus, it’s way more cost-effective. Lisse is a woman-owned brand!
  5. Riki Mirror: The BEST mirror hands down. Lights up and great for bloggers or anyone with horrible lighting. You can even travel with it.
  6. Odacite Creme de la Nuit: This is the best night cream I have ever used. Gets results within days and leaves your skin incredibly soft and silky.
  7. Fitglow Lip Kit: The best lip kit and makeup brand in clean beauty.
  8. Gua Sha Pressure Point Stone: The perfect tool to help with pressure points on the face. I hold the tension between my eyebrows and this is a lifesaver.
  9. Wabisabi: All in glass packaging and under $50. I recommend and use all of them!

Gifts for the Green Home Junkie

Green Home Junkie Gift Guide

  1. Our Place Always Pan: The best non-stick non-toxic skillet.
  2. Xtrema Cookware Tea Pot: Yes! Your teapot can be full of toxic metals. This one is made of 100% ceramic. I have this one and love it.
  3. Essential Oil Diffuser: Diffusing oils is a natural way to scent home and this diffuser is worth every penny.
  4. So Well Salt Lamp: I own five of these and it’s relaxing. They help purify the air and assist with blocking radiation.
  5. EMF Laptop Protection: This is to help with radiation. Both my hubby and I have one and use it all the time. Such a great gift idea.
  6. Sol Organix Bath Towel. 
  7. Xtrema Cookware Non-Toxic Steamer Basket
  8. Savvy Rest Organic Pillow and Bedding: Love their organic pillows. I will be purchasing the mattress soon and can’t wait to sleep on an organic mattress free of toxin chemicals.
  9. Xtrema Cookware Ceramic Cookware: The best ceramic cookware on the planet. Don’t let nasty toxins leach into the foods that you’re eating.

Gifts for the Sustainable Kid

Sustainable Kids gift guide

  1. Car Eco-Friendly Crayons: Eco-friendly sustainable crayons. Better for your kids and the environment. Plus, they’re super cute.
  2. Eco-Friendly Doll House: Don’t spend money on plastic dollhouses. This one is made with 100% real wood and without chemicals such as PVC, Phthalates, BPS or BPS, or Lead.
  3. Eco-Friendly Car Garage: My kids would love this. Anything that has to do with cars is always a best seller.
  4. Doll Stroller: For that sweet baby girl of yours.
  5. Recyclable-Turning Garbage into Science Kit: I thought this was really cool. Great way to use up things you may throw out and build something cool with.
  6. Mud Pie Kitchen: I love this for outside use. A great way to let your kids make as big as a mess outdoors to explore and play.
  7. Balance Board: Both my kids have the balance boards and they’re so great for all ages. They can even use their imaginations to build a car road and drive cars on it.
  8. Rainbow Arts & Craft Kit: This is perfect for that crafty child in your life.
  9. Ride-On Toy: Okay, how cute is this? Love this for my four-year-old son.
  10. Stocking Stuffer Kit: My boys each have these Cuddle & Kind dolls and they’re so amazing. Great way to pick out sustainable stocking stuffers.
Natalie Cardozo
Natalie is a California girl living in a Texas world who's developed quite eclectic personal tastes. Her lifelong interest in health and wellness meets its equal in her Texas-sized love for fashion, beauty, and travel. Her passion for clean eating began in 2011 when her husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and she began her research into the ways in which the food we eat and the products we use affect our overall health. She's the author of Precious Time, a health and lifestyle blog to help others on their journey to clean living and to share her own personal best practices.


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