Screen-Free Rainy Day Activities for Kids

The spring is a lovely time of year, but as the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers.” Being stuck at home on a rainy spring day can be really draining on moms and equally challenging for kids. If you’re wanting to perk up a rainy day with some fun and engaging activities that aren’t screen-based, try a few of these screen-free rainy day activities for kids.

Brain Builders

Build Something

My kids love being creative through building! This can involve any number of things, from a fort in the living room for an indoor picnic to masterpieces with LEGOS and blocks. One thing that keeps my kids constantly interested and engaged is KEVA Brain Builders by MindWare. These KEVA planks have endless creative possibilities, are fun for kids and moms, and don’t make a big mess. Brain Builders are available on Amazon and come in a variety of sizes and age-level sets.

Table Topics cards

Let’s Talk!

Talking with little kids can be a bit like chasing the wind—the conversation can get off track pretty quickly. And trying to talk with bigger kids has its own challenges…once they get going, there’s only so much Minecraft or Roblox conversation a mom can take. So, we love to break out the conversation cards! I purchased a pre-printed set of TableTopics cards from Amazon last year and they have been endlessly useful in facilitating fun and structured conversations with my kiddos.

But you don’t have to purchase a set of cards to get the conversation flowing—you can make your own! Index cards are great for this, and I bet your kids will love helping you come up with questions and decorating the cards themselves. Here are a few of our favorite conversation starter questions:

  • What special traditions does your family have?
  • Which toy is your oldest and best loved?
  • Which taste/smell reminds you of summer?
  • What’s the furthest you’ve traveled on a trip?

More Conversation Starters for Kids!

Dance Party

One of the best things to do to get out of a funk or beat the boredom of a rainy day is to move your body, and a dance party is the perfect way to engage kids in movement. Simply crank the tunes and let the music move you! Karaoke machines are also highly encouraged, as is incorporating a game of limbo or musical chairs. If it’s a particularly gloomy day, or you’re having a before-bed dance party, turn the lights down and add some glow sticks for another element of fun. And if you’re willing to incorporate a screen into the mix, the GoNoodle YouTube channel has tons of engaging follow-along dances that kids absolutely love. 

Sensory Bin

Make a Sensory Bin

Especially engaging for younger kids, sensory bins are a great way to pass the time as well as work on fine motor skills. Collin County Moms contributor Erin describes sensory bins as activities designed “to stimulate learning by introducing new sights, sounds, and textures through play.” Erin and Missy have all the details on creating and implementing sensory bins in 5 Sensory Bins to Keep Kids Happy and 2 Easy Sensory Bin Ideas. Even my big kids get a kick out of feeling the different textures and seeing what they can create within the bins.

The Floor is Lava

Let kids set up their own path through the “lava” by strategically arranging blankets, pillows, chairs, and other household items around the house. Then watch as they leap about, navigating their own unique obstacle course. There’s only one rule…don’t touch the ground because the floor is lava! (But rest easy; you can set as many rules for safety as you want.)

Rainy days don’t have to be all doom and gloom. With these screen-free rainy day activities, being stuck inside can become a kid’s opportunity to create some of their most vivid childhood memories! 

Amy is a native Texan, born and raised in Houston, schooled in Lubbock, survived young adulthood in Austin, and currently resides in Frisco. After completing a Master’s in English, Amy worked as an editor in higher education until she married her college sweetheart, Jeph, and the kids come along. After that, she did her best to fit in some freelance writing between diaper changes. These days, Amy stays home with her two adorable (and challenging) kiddos while writing for the blog she created, Frisco Mom Life, which connects like-minded mommas in Frisco and beyond. You can follow Amy’s journey on her blog, Instagram, or Facebook.


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