Creating the Perfect Spring Family Picnic (Simple, Not Stressful)

Family picnics are a great, inexpensive way to get your kids off their devices and into nature. We are serious about our family picnics, and I’m happy to share my ideas for the perfect spring family picnic.

Spring Family Picnics
Photography of Sarah Mae

As soon as the temperatures climb above 60°F and I’m popping Zyrtec like Tic Tacs, I know it’s spring in North Texas. All joking aside, my family and I love this time of year because the weather is beautiful, breezy, and sunny. One of our favorite spring weekend activities is family picnics.

Best Family Picnic Locations in DFW

Finding a scenic location with lots of open space and shade is key for a good picnic. I’ve even challenged myself to discover new spots for our picnics. I’m partial to anywhere near a body of water. There’s something so tranquil about sitting near a lake or pond and taking in nature. A few of my favorite places in DFW for family picnics are:

Lakeside Park (also known as Teddy Bear Park), Highland Park 

White Rock Lake, Dallas

Bethany Lakes Park, Allen

Bob Woodruff Park, Plano

Celebration Park, Allen

Photography of Sarah Mae

What to Bring to a Family Picnic

I’ve started collecting picnic essentials to keep on hand for our adventures:

Blanket—An old blanket or comforter is nice to spread for everyone to sit or lay on. You can also find designated picnic blankets online or in stores that are waterproof and easy to roll up.

Basket—A picnic basket or bag is a must for carrying your food and snacks. A cooler for drinks and cold snacks is another option.

Extras—I always bring a disposable bag for trash, disposable utensils, and paper plates, as well as extra napkins, because you can never have too many napkins with kids. Don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray.

Spring Picnic Food and Snacks

Picnics are a fun way to get a change of scenery during mealtime…why not try a breakfast, lunch, OR dinner picnic? An after-meal picnic where you enjoy desserts or snacks can also be fun.

Lunch or Dinner Picnic

Make your own sandwich or salads at home. Any food that can be enjoyed cold or at room temperature is perfect picnic food. If you opt to carry out, some of my go-to spots are Chick Fil A (love their salads and chicken wraps) and Jason’s Deli. 


I like to let the kids pick out their own snacks. Some of their favorites are fruit, cheese, crackers, veggie sticks, and granola bars.

Spring Family Picnics
Photography of Sarah Mae

Family Picnic Activities

What I especially enjoy about our family picnics is the opportunity to really connect with the kids and be present. We have some of the best conversations when we’re not competing with their electronics. 

We often kick around the soccer ball or play games like Mother May I, Red Light Green Light, and tag. I also like to bring books, coloring books and crayons, and bubbles, because bubbles make everything better!

Comment below with your best picnic tips for families!

All photos by Photography of Sarah Mae


Shanelle Fisher
Shanelle grew up in South Florida and is a proud Gator! In 2009, she relocated to Dallas with her college sweetheart and now husband. She resides in Collin County with her husband, elementary school age kids (son and daughter), and a yellow Lab. Shanelle is an attorney, and practices social security disability law. She enjoys cooking, trying new restaurants, and hosting brunches with her brunch club.


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