6 Simple Ways To Enjoy the Texas Snow with your Family

The local weather stations are predicting snow in the forecast, and it’s hard to not get a little giddy thinking about those elusive flakes falling from the sky!

We know the thought of snow in Texas can cause a little anxiety. So, we encourage you to plan ahead and take this time to prepare to be indoors for a few days. That way, when you do see “white stuff” on the ground, you’re not lost in to-do lists and can create some magical moments with your kids.

Here are a few easy suggestions from our local writers that will help you can make the most of upcoming snow days with your family, both indoors and outdoors.

Get Outside in the Snow!

DIY Sledding

Most of us have summer gear tucked away somewhere. Search through your pool storage shed for inflatables or boogie boards that can be used for a quick run down a hill.

And since it’s Texas, a lot of stores like Target and Walmart already have summer items out. Grab some cheap inner tubes for sledding! ~ Amy Kryzak, Frisco Mom Life

Where are the best hills? Our favorite in Collin County is Hope Park in Frisco, and in Dallas, Flag Pole Hill. As you drive around the next few days, pay attention to your local schools and nearby parks. You’ll be surprised by the small hills you may not have noticed!

Make Snow Cones or Snow Ice Cream

Move over Bahama Bucks, because when it snows, you’ll have your own snow cone ingredients! Scoop out several bowls full of fresh snow (Be sure it’s white! *wink wink) and add in DIY snow cone flavors using your favorite Kool-Aid flavor and simple syrup.
~ Ashley Chan

Snow Cone Syrup Ingredients:

  • 1 packet Kool-Aid
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water

If you feel like getting more creative, check out Pinterest for easy snow ice cream recipes.

Frozen Bubbles

Did you know when it hits single-digit temperatures, you can make frozen bubbles? All you’ll need is bubble solution and a wand. Watch as the bubbles drift into the air and freeze, OR catch them on your wand and catch up close the crystal patterns that form. ~Kelly Mock, Happily Ever Mock

Snow Paint

If you loved chalking your sidewalks, try painting snow! Add a few drops of food coloring to a spray bottle or squirt bottle and create masterpieces in the snow. ~ Ashley Ashcraft

Want to Stay Indoors?

There’s only so long you can stay outside in the cold temperatures, but don’t let the fun end when you’re ready to move inside!

Snow Sensory Bins

Go outside and gather snow to make some snowy sensory bins. Add in water beads or your favorite bath time toys.

DIY Snow Shaving Cream

If your hands aren’t built like Elsa’s, keep the snow outdoors and make snow-like shaving cream! It’s all the fun of snow — without the frozen fingers.

Fake Snow Directions:

Using a fork, mix 1 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of shaving cream. Add a few drops of water until a snow-like substance begins to appear.

At the end of the day, remember, you don’t need a lot of activities or to spend a ton on gear and supplies to make a Texas snow day memorable. Simply spending time together as a family with that wintery backdrop will create memories that will last a lifetime!

What are your favorite snow day activities?

Sarah Crilley
Sarah Crilley lives in Plano, Texas with her nine-year-old son Caleb, husband Nick, and adopted french bulldog Daisy. They are introducing the newest member of the family, Rocky Elliott the Hedgehog! (Yes . . . Hedgehog) With hands full balancing "working mommy-life", Sarah works full-time managing the team at Real News PR in Dallas. She is a lover of coffee, listening to podcasts, attending community events, social media, and writing! She enjoys connecting and sharing with other moms. Sarah has been a contributor for CCM since October 2016! She loves blogging and plans to incorporate video into some of her posts.