6 Free Summer Reading Programs for Your Kids to Enjoy

Texas summers are made for adventures! And some of the best adventures kids can find are discovered in books.

In addition to summer reading programs offered by your local libraries, there are wonderful programs you can find online that provide incentives for kids to read and explore whether they’re by the pool, in a tent, on the beach, or in a hammock.

Barnes and Noble Summer Reading Giveaway

Participation is a fun and easy way for kids to earn free books. Kids simply read a designated number of books, then write about their favorite part in B&N’s Reading Journal. Through August, when kids bring their completed Reading Journal to a B&N bookstore, they can choose a free book from the books listed.

online summer reading programs for kids

Chuck E. Cheese Reward Your Kids for Reading with Family Fun

Keep their bookworm skills strong with this reading rewards chart for kids. The more they read, the more rewards they can earn. Kids will have a great time working towards success while earning Chuck E. Cheese rewards along the way. Simply track progress on the printable incentive charts by marking the days off with a pen or sticker as your kids accomplish their goals, then bring in a completed calendar to Chuck E. Cheese and receive 10 free play points or tokens as a reward.

Half-Price Books Summer Reading Camp

Sign up to become an official HPB Summer Reading Camper! The fun begins online June 1, or you can visit your local HPB to receive a copy of your camper’s Reward Map plus information on how to earn $5 Bookworm Bucks in June and July.

online summer reading programs for kids

H-E-Buddy Summer Reading Club

H‑E‑Buddy is ready for summer fun and summer jamming, so it’s time to kick off the H‑E‑Buddy Summer Reading Club. All you have to do is read 10 books and record them on your reading log. At least one of the books must be a Read 3 Book.

Pizza Hut Camp BOOK-IT!

Camp BOOK IT! is open to all families with PreK–6th grade students (ages 4–12). Parents set goals, track reading, and reward their students, all in the digital dashboard. When your kids meet their monthly reading goal, they’ll receive a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza® from Pizza Hut. Track and reward their reading for June, July, and August in their digital dashboard where you can also find fun activities and book recommendations each week to keep the fun going throughout the summer!

Scholastic Home Base Summer Reading Program

Scholastic offers kids an exciting, free, and safe summer reading experience, while helping provide books to kids with limited or no access, keeping every child reading. Through August 19, kids can visit the summer zone in Scholastic Home Base, a completely free digital destination which offers stories, characters, games, and a community of readers. Home Base is moderated for safety 24/7.

There you have it, mamas! Not only does a summer reading program encourage kids to read and celebrate their achievements, it can also help them do good for others by increasing access to books for their peers.

Alisa Hauser
Alisa’s 15 minutes of fame was as a news reporter just after college. These days, she embraces multiple roles – a mom of three (one teenager and two who are #adulting), a writing consultant, and a college application coach. When she’s not in a Zoom session, you can find her in her backyard with a chiminea fire. She loves indie movies, eclectic music, random road trips, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, her family "bubble", and her cat Jack Jack (although not necessarily in that order). She grew up as a military brat, residing in four countries and eleven states before settling in the Dallas area. After 20 years here, and with the help of her Aggie daughter, she can seamlessly use “y’all” and “howdy” in a sentence like a true Texan.


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