Collin County Suburb Snapshot: West Frisco

what is frisco tx like?Moving to Frisco and wondering about West Frisco? This post is for you! Lived in Frisco for awhile and aren’t really sure what West Frisco has to offer? This guide to West Frisco, TX, is also for you! We’ve lived in West Frisco for 18 months and love it. It’s close to everything we love, and has so many of our favorites, that there are many days I don’t have to leave my little corner of the world!

West Frisco is home to Phillips Creek Ranch, a master planned community still under construction, and home to several Frisco ISD schools. Something to be aware of if you’re considering moving to West Frisco: you’ll want to pay attention to the school district you’re zoned for, as not all West Frisco neighborhoods are zoned for FISD. My neighborhood isn’t, though we’re in Frisco. We’re zoned for Little Elm, which is also a great school district to be in. We chose our neighborhood for many reasons, including its proximity to the lake.

I appreciate that we’re in a part of town that is quickly being developed and is very family-friendly. We have access to the best of Frisco and the surrounding suburbs! We also enjoy the history of the area, and are eager to watch our town continue to grow. Here are some of our favorites in West Frisco:

West Frisco Date Night Spots

Neighborhood Services at the Omni in Frisco

We love the delicious dishes and fabulous mixed drinks with a southern twist that are served here. I personally am a fan of their meatballs, deviled eggs, and lemonades. The atmosphere is rustic and homey, and the food cannot be beat!

Nerdvana Spirits

If you’re a gamer, or just married to one, Nerdvana allows you to eat dinner and play your favorite games on a variety of gaming systems. We’ve been able to play Classic Nintendo while enjoying our meal, taking date night up a notch!

West Frisco Play Date Spots

Frisco Library 

We are at the library at least once a week. The ready to read railroad is perfect for kids five and under, and my son finds something new to do each week. Story times are geared toward a variety of age groups and are engaging and fun. We love the class for two-year-olds on Tuesdays. The whole second floor is kid-friendly, so I don’t have to worry about keeping my little one quiet while he’s learning and growing as a reader.

EQ Kids Club

EQ is a great indoor safari play village that is perfect for fostering hands-on imaginative play. They have child-sized pianos, dress-up clothes, a sand table, and an indoor trampoline, among other great imagination stations, including weekly guided crafts. 

 Jungle Joe’s

For days when you can’t get outside, Jungle Joe’s is great for getting wiggles out. Their two-story climbing structure is fabulous and encourages kids to get up and get moving. The on-site cafe allows for lunchtime or snack time play dates, and they even serve coffee. My son asks to go to Jungle Joe’s weekly.

 West Frisco Family-Friendly Restaurants

Barney’s Brunch House

Located off of 423 and Lebanon, Barney’s is great for brunch and lunch, but get there early…the later it gets in the day, the longer you’ll have to wait. I love their pancakes, coming in flavors ranging from classic to Nutella to peanut butter and banana! My husband enjoys the breakfast bowls with a mix of hash browns, eggs, cheese, and meats or veggies.

Salsa Tex-Mex 

Family friendly and delicious! Their brisket tacos are among our favorites. The fajitas are also a great option, and our son loves the quesadillas. This is our go-to for nights we don’t want to dine in. The food is great without breaking the bank!

Tupelo Honey

Located at the Star, Tupelo Honey is extremely family-friendly. In addition to serving twists on southern classics and the best and biggest biscuits I have ever eaten, they also have a kids’ menu that is amazing. On it? The best buttermilk fried chicken I’ve ever eaten. My son loves their fries almost as much as I like their biscuits!

West Frisco Parks

Hope Park

By far our favorite park. Hope Park (also known as Frisco Commons Park) never disappoints! The tot lot is perfect for kids three and under, with lots of small climbing structures and swings, and we can spend hours climbing, playing, and imagining. Hope Park is also home to one of our favorite splash pads, making it a great place for us to go and play the day away, especially during those hot days in the middle of summer.

Beaver’s Bend Park

This park located off of Legacy Drive near Allen Elementary is a great option for bigger kids. My son, who is two, found parts of the climbing structures to be a bit high off of the ground, but loved how much there was to climb. He also really enjoyed the swings.

West Frisco Sweets & Dessert Shops

Annie’s Sweets and Treats

Newly opened by Tom Thumb on 423, Annie’s offers small fish-shaped waffles filled with goodies like vanilla cream, red bean paste, or even eggs and cheese. The baked goods are divine, and I can’t stop myself from dropping by after swim classes for a cookie and cup of coffee each week.

Hurts Donuts 

Donuts with a twist! They have quite the variety, including one with pink frosting and sprinkles, called The Homer, a blue one with Oreos called the Cookie Monster, and a maple bacon donut that is to die for.

Cow-Tipping Creamery

This soft-serve ice cream shop at the star has become one of my favorite places to go for ice cream. They have delicious soft-serve parfaits, including one that is layers of ice cream, brownies, and rich chocolate fudge. A bonus: if you go for ice cream, you can savor every bite while letting the kids run around on the Tostitos Plaza lawn by the Cowboys’ practice facility, a win-win in my book!