Bargains Galore :: 5 Top Resale Stores in Frisco

It was years ago.

I vividly remember shifting my weight from one foot to the other periodically, sighing heavily.  I watched as my mother wrestled the necks of clothes hangers in a resale store…it was not my idea of a fun-filled Saturday afternoon. The sound of the screeching hangers being dragged against their will, along an old clothes rail, while my mother examined every item, filled me with dread. I knew that it would be at least an hour before she was ready to leave.  As a teenager, I certainly did not appreciate my mother’s frugality and clear talent for locating a bargain. 

To me, it was all a bit old and stuffy. Indeed, if I were able to steer my mother away from these thrift stores, and avoid being seen by any of my peers, I considered it a personal triumph!

Isn’t it funny how we change as we get older?

Today it is different. There is no denying that my mother and I are cut from the same cloth! I have come to love thrift shopping. And in Collin County, we are incredibly blessed in that department. There is an abundance of consignment and resale stores both online and close to home, too.

What’s New in Resale

Of course, the Depop app that my 16 year old daughter has is wearing away on her phone from overuse. Incredibly, with just a few clicks, she can purchase a vintage jacket from Croatia and parade it around the kitchen, (because she never goes anywhere these days), within a week. And all for the price of an in-season Starbucks. 

Online shopping is not for me, though. You can’t teach an old dog new clicks! I’m more of a tactile shopper.

I have included a few resale stores from Frisco, and a quick review of each. Naturally, these are not like the ones I frequented as a teenager with my mother. Instead, they’re all brightly lit and environmentally friendly. They create sustainability opportunities, are inexpensive, and promote a sense of mindfulness. They all have three rules in common.

 All items need to be:

  1. Clean
  2. Cute. 
  3. Current.

Frisco Resale: Resale Store

This is a place I frequent. Of course some days are better than others, but just last week I bought two pairs of new Calvin Klein “Mother” jeans for $14. Not bad at all! Frisco Resale is a non- profit and helps those in our community who are going through difficulties. They provide emergency financial assistance, food distribution through Frisco’s only community food pantry, seasonal programs, adult life skills classes and more. They carry clothing, shoes, house wares, furniture, and even prom dresses! For their website, click here

The Good Steward: Consignment

This is an upscale boutique in the heart of Frisco. They carry high end brands, from Gucci to Chanel to Chloe and everything in between. As their website states, “It doesn’t have to be new to be awesome!” This store is for those of us with an eye for unique, upscale brands. It is a beautiful store and well worth a visit. For those of you who say that parking is difficult to find on Main Street, just like all of the stores, you’ll find ample parking around the back.

Kid to Kid Frisco: Consignment and Resale

They have a motto: Consume less, Reuse more, Choose used. I practically lived in this place when my kids were younger. I didn’t see the point in buying new clothes for children that they would soon outgrow. Kid To Kid is a resale/consignment store where the impact of upcycling carries weight. This store devotes itself to the community and, in turn, Mother Earth. By reducing pollution, supporting the community, re-purposing allows us to do good in a small way that really makes an impact. Kid to Kid carry 70% off like-new clothing for children. Seriously worth checking out their user-friendly website.

child building an four boxes

Restyle: Consignment and resale store

I love this place for two reasons. It is so close to my home, AND Jennifer, the owner, is an absolute delight! This store has a boutique feel, and a lot of thought goes into its layout. Jennifer also carries handmade jewelry by local artists as well as designer shoes and handbags. She carries most brands of very gently used clothing. My closet claims 75% from this store! I have been going here for the last few years and I highly recommend it! Check out this awesome place here.


Plato’s Closet : Consignment and Resale

This Frisco location is another clothing store devoted mostly to younger people. If you are 20-something and younger, you will love it! Jeans, tops, jackets, and shoes can be found here. The styles are current and the stores carry all brands. This is somewhere you could drop your son or daughter off for quite some time. 

I’m sure that I have missed many, but these are just a handful of resale stores in Frisco, within my own locality. All stores are clean and carry brands that resale up to 70% off the original price. The clothes are gently worn, and some are brand new, brandishing their original retail price tags.

Buy Your Mother Jeans For Mother Earth

Especially during this pandemic, buying secondhand is a budget-friendly way to update our closets. It also helps keep a mental check on those landfills. Additionally, It shows the world what we think of those sweatshops in underdeveloped countries, where labor laws are weaker. Frankly, It makes us think. This is one sure way where we can make a difference, and look fabulous at the same time. It is such a simple way to reduce our carbon footprint by 82%. That’s a big deal!

Don’t avoid these local treasures as I did, as a child. Instead, venture in boldly. And while you’re at it, bring your mother, too. 

What are your favorite resale stores in Collin County?

Dymphna Keohan lives in Frisco with her husband,Paul, and their four children, (15yrs-20yr old). Originally from Ireland, Dymphna has lived in Texas for over 20 years. She works full-time as an inclusion teacher for Frisco ISD, and at the weekends she tutors and gives guitar lessons. Dymphna and her family are avid travelers and enjoy finding out fascinating things about the cities they visit. As a stress reliever, working out is her fuel, and like a crazy person, she runs six miles a day! More often than not, she flies by the seat of her pants, but loves every minute of it!