5K Races in Collin County + Tips on Registering, Training, & Enjoying a 5K

Let’s be honest. Running a 5K can be difficult. Training for it can be time-consuming and mentally draining. And it’s not exactly everyone’s idea of fun. I am one of those irrational weirdos who goes running every day. Some might automatically assume that, because I run, I must love it. I don’t. The truth is, I run so that I can feel good. Instead of lying in, or existing in a slothfully comatose state on the couch for an entire Saturday morning, running a 5K is simply better than that.

Starting the day with that feeling of accomplishment and being confident enough to believe that I will continue to fit into my jeans is reason enough for me. I don’t know anyone who willingly gets up from bed and excitedly thinks that going for a run is a great idea. Instead, we need to encourage ourselves to do so.

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Each day, I get up, and I promptly urge my lazy and aggressively childish self to move. And from there, I begin to sow the seed that running is indeed good for me. Continuously, I have to talk myself into dragging on my running shoes. I cautiously pep talk my way to either the treadmill at the gym or the sidewalk outside my front door. Clearly, there is no denying that choosing to run is hard work, mentally. 

5 Tips for Running a 5K

  1. Buy a light, comfortable pair of running shoes.

2. Train for a month before the race by running at least three times a week.

3. Don’t eat right before the race; a full tummy can lead to cramping.

4. Dress lightly or in layers. You will get quite warm, and very quickly, as you run.

5. Pace yourself. Don’t run too quickly at the start. You don’t want to run out of steam after the first mile.

See more on running your first 5K.

We are ridiculously lucky here in Collin County. More often than not, our days greet us warmly with glorious sunshine and gentle breezes. And honestly, that’s half the battle to getting out there. Indeed, here are plenty of reasons we can use to dismiss running, but the weather certainly isn’t one of them!

However, those who run religiously will convince you otherwise. Ditch the excuses and start the training. Regularly working out just three times a week is all you need to get in shape enough to start competing.

Running a 5K is Convenient

Undeniably, with this race, the day runs smoothly. Ideally, you will arrive at the race and casually warm up for 10 to 20 minutes. You will successfully race for 40 minutes, maximum. Afterward, cool down, feeling accomplished. Once you replenish with food and drink, you head home in your extremely cool race T-shirt. Even those that come in last get one! All this, before your family has finished breakfast.

Running a 5K is Exhilarating

Undoubtedly, running a 5K gives you the same exhilaration as running a 10K, but with less exhaustion. You will really be racing and will hopefully be able to maintain the same amount of energy for 40 minutes (or whatever time the race will take to complete). Subsequently, running over the finish line feels terrific. Then later, checking your time against other competitors in your age division can be the encouraging factor you need to sign up for your next 5K. If you get to this point, you’ve caught the racing bug.

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5K Races in Collin County

Below, I have included a list of 5K races in Collin County. Additionally, I have also included marathons, half-marathons, and 13.1-mile races for you nutcases who actually do love running!

As we are used to by now, this list may unexpectedly change, depending on the COVID situation. Any social distancing might, realistically, impact future events. But as it stands right now, these races are ready for your registration.

Sept 2021 5K Races in Collin County

Sept 18 – McKinney – Big Ole Medal Run

Sept 19 – Plano – Plano Balloon Festival

Sept 25 – McKinney – Crape Myrtle Run & Family Festival

October 2021 5K Races in Collin County

Oct 2 – Farmersville – Audie Murphy Hero Run 5K & Fun Run

Oct 2 – Frisco – Frisco Arts Fun & Run

Oct 2 – Frisco – Gary Burns 5K & Fun Run

Oct 2 – McKinney – Outlaw Nation 5K 

Oct 9 – McKinney – McKinney Half-Marathon & 5K

Oct 9 – TGPR Double Dew 5K

Oct 16 – Oktoberfest Trail Run 5K

Oct 16 – Outlaw Nation 5K

Oct 30 – Plano – Boot Scoot 

November 2021 5K Races in Collin County

Nov 20 – McKinney – Trails & Tacos 5K & 15K

Nov 25 – Plano – Plano Turkey Trot

December 2021 5K Races in Collin County

Dec 4 – Frisco – Frosty 5K

Dec 31 – Allen – New Year’s Double

Jan 2022 5K Races in Collin County

Jan 15 – Frisco – Cocoa Classic

Jan 22 – Frisco – Frisco Running Co Half-Marathon

April 2022 5K Races in Collin County

April 9 – Frisco – Texas Big Star Half-Marathon & 5K

April 30 – Craig Ranch – Fairway 5K

Dymphna Keohan
Dymphna Keohan lives in Frisco with her husband,Paul, and their four children, (17yrs-23yr old). Originally from Ireland, Dymphna has lived in Texas for over 25 years. She works full-time as an inclusion teacher for Frisco ISD. Dymphna and her family are avid travelers and enjoy finding out fascinating things about the cities they visit. As a stress reliever, working out is her fuel, and like a crazy person, she runs six miles a day!