Group Activities for Toddlers in Collin County

Anyone with toddlers knows that keeping them busy is essential to survival. A bored toddler can do more damage (to your home and to your psyche) than an actual tornado.

There’s nothing worse than reaching the morning witching hour with a toddler (the time between breakfast and lunch, when the stir craziness starts to set in) and realizing you have absolutely nowhere to take your cranky, antsy toddler to wear him out before naptime.

The good news for us Collin County mamas is that we have no shortage of group activities for toddlers. Whether you’re looking for weekly scheduled classes, team activities, or drop-in activities, Collin County has something to offer your toddler (and your sanity, mama!).

1. Gymnastics

group activities for toddlers in collin county - gymnastics

Gymnastics is great for toddlers of all ages – many gyms offer classes starting as young as 12 months. We have so many gyms in our area (ASI, Metroplex Gymnastics, Texas Best… to name a few), you’re sure to find a class that fits your schedule. Most gyms offer a free trial class, so you can try a few different ones to find the best fit for your kiddo.

Gymnastics is beneficial to toddlers on so many levels—socialization, gross motor skills, strength, independence, and confidence building. Not to mention, it’s just downright FUN. What kid doesn’t like jumping on the trampoline and playing in a big foam pit?

2. Little Gym / MyGym

While gymnastics at a traditional gym can be awesome for toddlers, it can be a little too structured for some. Little Gym & MyGym are great alternatives to develop the same set of skills, but in a more play-centered environment.

3. Martial Arts

If your kid needs a little structure and confidence building, martial arts can be a fun option. Have you ever seen a three-year-old break a board? They’ll never be more proud of themselves!

Warrior Martial Arts is a studio with several locations in Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, and Flower Mound that offers classes for kids starting at three years old. And it’s not all karate chops & hi-yas; martial arts teaches toddlers confidence and respect, while building strength and coordination.

4. Mommy & Me Music and Dance Classes

For younger toddlers, Mommy & Me classes can be a fun way to socialize your toddler with other kids, get them up and moving, and meet some other moms. Some fun options in our area are Zumbini, Kindermusik, Tinkergarten, and Music Together.

5. Soccer

It’s almost a rite of passage for kids to play soccer at some point. And did you know many leagues in our area offer teams and classes for kids as young as three? PSA, MSA, and i9 are all great leagues to look into for a team environment. While the games don’t necessarily resemble anything close to an actual soccer game (they more closely resemble a swarm of gnats chasing a lightbulb), they’re great for fostering camaraderie and developing a sense of teamwork.

If your kid isn’t quite ready for “organized” sports (trust me, I feel you), Soccer Shots is another great option, with lots of locations all over DFW. The program focuses more on learning the skills of playing soccer, rather than the competition of playing a game.

6. KidStrong

KidStrong is a unique option that’s new to Collin County. Currently with one location in Frisco, and two others opening soon in McKinney and Plano, kids can take classes that not only help them build physical strength, but also emotional and character strength. Each class combines developmental science with pediatric occupational therapy, child development, sports physiology, and physical education into its curriculum. Quite a lot to pack into a one-hour class for toddlers!

7. Library Story Times

If you’re looking for a more casual, drop in, and best of all, FREE activity, check out your local library for toddler storytimes. Most of them offer different classes and activities for all age groups.

Surely, with all these options, you can find something to keep your toddler busy and (more importantly) worn out. Let us know in the comments if you have any other fun activities for toddlers in Collin County!