Summer Reading :: 3 Book Series Ideas for Kids (200+ books!)

Summer is in full swing. You may be going strong knocking out your summer bucket list, or you may be consulting Facebook and Pinterest nightly for events and activities to fill your days. If you’re anything like me, most activities outside of the house are done before lunch, because the motivation to get out of the house in 100-degree weather is just not there. So how to pass those afternoon hours is always the question.

Summer reading is always a common activity. Libraries and teachers alike advertise the excitement and benefits of summer reading. But what about actually finding the books? It seems silly, but does anyone else feel overwhelmed by going to the library, especially with multiple children? You want them to choose quality books that they (and you) will enjoy reading, but also, there are so many books at the library. I’ve found it’s especially tricky for older kids. The littles can grab 10 picture books and be happy. But when they start to have opinions about what they read, it can be a little more difficult.

My eight-year-old loves to read. Every night, she reads for at least 20-30 minutes in her bed. I often found her with a book when I picked her up from school. So I figured I’d go straight to the source for a few ideas of books for those kids who aren’t satisfied with just any picture book, but also aren’t able to easily walk into the library and find a book.

The best part about these books is they are a series with many, many books. So if they like it, there is a whole list of books to choose from (just in this list alone there are over 200 books!). Here are my eight-year-old daughter’s top three series books right now:

Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborn

These books have been around for 25 years and I think that says something! In this series, a brother and sister go on adventures from a magic tree house. There are now series within the series and even a website with a Mission Game and Kids Adventure Club.

Here’s what an eight-year-old has to say about these books: “I like Magic Tree House books because I like adventure and magic.”

Rainbow Magic by Daisy Pope

There are over 200 of these books! These fun books each focus around a fairy with special and unique traits. Like Magic Tree House, there are series within series. If this series appeals to your child, Daisy Pope also wrote the Magic Animal Friends series and the Unicorn Magic series.

Here’s what an eight-year-old has to say about these books: “I like Rainbow Magic books because I like the creativity in the fairies and what they look like.”

The Owl Diaries by Rebecca Elliott

This series of nine books follows the adventures of an owl named Eva Wingdale. Like the title of the series suggests, these books are written in the form of a diary which is both fun and unique and may also encourage writing from its reader!

Here’s what an eight-year-old has to say about these books: “I like Owl Diaries because this author is making her book look like diaries.”

If you need some ways to encourage reading in your home, check out these two resources for some fun strategies:

  • @simplyonpurpose on Instagram: Check out her highlight bubble “Mom Store”
  • A unique spin on a summer reading chart with fun challenges along the way can be found here. Bonus in this link is that right at the beginning she links her list of 100 picture books.

What books do your kids love to read? Any book series to add to this list?

Amanda Stewart
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