Making A Case for Sending Kids to Summer Camp

This summer is quite unique, unlike any other previous summers we have had. In many ways, it has been a bummer summer. The quarantine and lockdown have been misery for parents and especially our kids. We all just want a NORMAL summer again.

After being in a funk for the past four months and keeping our kids pretty much isolated due to social distancing, we had to break free. We needed to find ways to do the things we normally would do during the summertime. We knew vacation was not going to happen, so we found an alternative, thanks to my amazing job that offers summer camps for kids.

This week has been the first week my kids have actually been having fun. They have been so patient and understanding through all the chaos and uncertainty and us constantly saying, “No, we cannot do that because of the virus.” But we finally broke down and did something. And I am so glad we did.

There are so many benefits of kids attending camp. These are not overnight camps. They are full-day, full-week camps with different themes. This week, they attended Tie Dye camp. Every day they come home with so much happiness and so many awesome memories they are creating. The friendships and relationships with other children they would have never had an opportunity to meet have been so special. All the stories, laughs, and special little things that uplift their spirits and give them something to look back on and smile. Even though there is a lot of uncertainty and unknowns going on at least for this moment in time they can just be carefree kids having fun in the sun.

This has been such a nice distraction and it makes my heart so happy to see kids being kids with each other again. We have never done summer camps before, but I think this will be a new summer tradition for the littles. They do cooking, science experiments, crafts, team-building exercises, water fun in pool, and on a massive waterslide throughout the week. For a moment their world feels normal. They need this. We need this for them.

Four months of doing nothing can take a toll on their mental health. I was noticing it; I worried about them. Now I feel like the kids will be rejuvenated and at least look back on this bizarre summer with a smile.

This was our purpose.

To give them a memory that made them happy. I have no answers to any of their questions about COVID or the idea of how they will be going back to school. The kids all need a distraction, and summer camp is a perfect way to give your child a fun and memorable summer.

If you can, I would definitely look into summer camps in your area near you. Check out our Collin County Moms list of summer camps happening now in our area. I promise you will not forget it!

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