The First Month as a New Mom

I became a new mom seven years ago, and still remember the first few weeks of adjusting to our new normal as parents of a newborn. It was almost like the TV show, Survivor: the mind games, the shifting alliances, the foraging for food. But it wasn’t all horrifying and weird; there were very sweet moments of bonding that took place as I learned how to be a mom, and my son learned how to eat and sleep on something resembling a routine.

Going outside (even if just to the mailbox) really helped those first few days. Taking a car ride and parking at Sonic for a few minutes to get a cold drink was a game changer. Thinking beyond my present (of the nursing every three hours and sleeping maybe four hours at night) and focusing on the little person I was getting to know, thinking about his future, really helped, too.

It’s a lot easier to think back now with rose-colored glasses, but to all the new moms out there, I see you and acknowledge how life-changing it is when you have your first baby. You are not alone! My advice? Try to join a new moms group at your hospital, church, neighborhood, or even get hooked up with one of our playgroups. I promise that talking to other new moms is exactly what you need to get through the first few months of having a newborn. (And know that if you choose/are able to have a second baby one day, it IS SO MUCH EASIER!)

Whitney is originally from central Illinois but moved to Texas for love. After enjoying being a single twenty-something in Dallas, she settled down in 2010 and married her college sweetheart (the guy who got her here). She has two sons and a daughter. Whitney works for a major retailer in digital marketing creative, where she has been since 2009. She loves Dallas—the amazing friends she has met here, the Tex Mex, the bluebonnets, the arts and culture, the mild winters, and having lots of family, including her in-laws, one of her sisters, and her favorite uncle, nearby. Her passions include reading, sports, (daydreaming about) traveling, and spending time with friends and family.